Our Services

Our focus is on facilitating a safer and high quality care for critically ill patients across the network in conjunction with other London critical care networks. The aim of the South London Adult Critical Care Operational Delivery Network (ODN) is to facilitate and improve equity of access, experience and health outcomes for patients within South London critical care services, across healthcare organisations and geographical boundaries.

We also provide some additional services listed below :

  • Building links with other London critical care, and other specialty networks, and with neighbouring networks outside of London.

  • Improve patient pathways and services by looking at issues that affect capacity, recruitment and retention of staff.

  • Ensure critical care service provision in the network is equitable, safe and high quality.

  • Sharing performance results and thereby bench marking to improve care delivery consistently.

  • Streamline policies across the network to facilitate staff movements between Trusts and to reduce the need for additional training.

  • Auditing, benchmarking and collaborative working across the hospitals sharing data and good practice.

  • Development of standardised guidelines and competencies.

  • Regular network meetings to build relationships create new ideas and work in a non-hierarchal way.

  • We share challenges and how to overcome them through sharing of experiences, learning from incidents and regular audit.

  • Continuing to collate and streamline (where appropriate) policies and protocols across the network.

  • Establishing a working group to look at research studies and opportunities across the network and beyond.

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