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Patient transfers between critical care units carry with them an inherent level of risk. This risk is minimised when the transferring units follow a set of effective and practised guidelines and procedures.

The South London Critical Care Network has been attempting to streamline procedures for patient transfers between Critical Care units; and to improve the safety and efficiency of transfers in an attempt to reduce the number of clinical incidents that occur during transfers.

The Network has, for example, worked on introducing a common transfer course curriculum, documentation and transfer bag for use when transferring patients. The transfer bag was designed with input from 125 clinicians, the London Ambulance Service and other specialities which may be involved in patient transfers. The bag has been designed to be as ergonomic and easy to use as possible, and to provide easy access to any equipment needed during transfers of critically ill patients.

The Network has also established a dedicated transfer faculty for this end, and introduced a transfer training course. The transfer course consists of day-long sessions designed for senior staff members, with relevant interests in the topic, to attend and disseminate the most up-to-date knowledge on to their units. The Transfer Lead for the South London Network is Dr Peter Beaumont, ICU Consultant at St Helier. The Network Simulation Lead is Christopher Broom, Senior ODP at St George’s.

The course covers many aspects of patient transfers, such as medico-legal aspects, sub-speciality transfers and equipment issues; and includes transfer scenarios for group simulation activities.

The first session was held at the Simulation Centre at St George’s Hospital on the 13th of January 2017. The future dates for the transfer training courses are:

31st of March

For information about transfer training courses, please email the Network Manager Bincy Padiyara: bincy.padiyara@stgeorges.nhs.uk

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